Find Your Next Personal Trainer in King of Prussia's Premier Gym: Fairmont Athletic Club

  Come to Fairmount Athletic Club for our fantastic facility -- but stay because you know that, no matter how awesome the equipment, it's the trainers that really make the difference. FAC has some of the best personal trainers in King of Prussia, and we're proud of each of them. Read a bit about them below, or learn more by clicking on their photos.

Putting the 'Personal' back into 'Personal Trainer'

  CNN claims that there are five things that every personal trainer needs; patience, communication, professionalism, education, and personality. At Fairmount, we go a step beyond before hiring a personal trainer in King of Prussia -- we insist on putting the personal into the trainer. We don't hire someone unless they've demonstrated that they want to -- that they enjoy -- actually getting personal with their clients. We only want trainers who can, by the third session, glance at a client and rattle off their health challenges, their desires for their body, and the course of action they intend to take with that client. That's what separates our personal trainers from the 'drill sergeant' types who treat every client by getting up in their face and yelling at them. We don't need to intimidate our clients; we prefer to encourage them. (At the same time, if a drill sergeant is what you actually want and need, Chris will be happy to yell at you while you work out...but not many people take him up on that.)

Expect Us to Ask For Your Time -- and Sweat

There's an understood contract when you hire a personal trainer to help achieve your goals -- and that's that you're serious about your goals. On one side, we get paid whether you put your best effort in or not, so if you genuinely have to take that phone call, that's OK with us. But on the other, we're professionals, and we take real personal joy in watching you achieve your goals -- especially when it takes genuine effort to get there. So when you come to Fairmount and hire one of us to help you achieve a level of fitness you're comfortable with, be ready, because our job is to kick your butt into gear. Leave your puppy at home, put your kid(s) in our in-house daycare, turn off your cell, and get ready to buckle down -- because we can only be as serious about your fitness as you are.

The Top Personal Trainers in King of Prussia